Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Doing What Students Do...

I’m almost done with my second week of class. Time is flying by without me realizing it. I’m a third of the way through my classes and almost half way through my stay. 

I’m taking two 3 credit classes. One is Advanced Grammar and the other is Cultural History of Central America. As boring as grammar sounds, I’m actually rather enjoying it. Language nerd? It’s nice learning/relearning/learning-what-I-should-already-know the rules. I think I finally understand the difference between direct and indirect objects. My professor is also interested in my veganism and my blog. 

My other class is…interesting. The subject material is interesting. The professor knows his stuff. Yet somehow, it’s boring. I’m in class from 2 to 5:40 with two ten minute breaks twice a week. That’s just a lot of time to be in class. I think I would enjoy it more over 15 weeks where I could be in class 3 hours a week instead of almost 8. But we’ve watched some movies and it’s only 6 weeks so I am making the best of it. So far we’ve learned about Central America BEFORE the Spanish conquerors arrived. Think Aztecs, Mayans, etc. 

I'm in class in the afternoons Monday through Thursday so I try to get my homework done in the morning (not the morning before) because I never feel like doing it at night. 

It also looks like I will be taking a Zumba class every Tuesday night after Advanced Grammar for 1 thousand colones (about 2 dollars) a session. It felt great to sweat again, but my calves hurt today. Let’s just say there was a hefty amount of jumping. 

Everything is going well with my host family. I think my host-schnauzer likes me. You can often find her snuggling with me when I do homework. 

This weekend we will be going on an excursion to Manuel Antonio, a national park. I’ll be sure to update with photos and stories.

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